Leaving a legacy of creativity to Audrey and loving it!


What makes your heart sing? For me, it's my granddaughter Audrey. I named my company, Audrey's Anklets after her. Being a "mompreneur" and now an entrepreneur, my desire is to pass this business on to Audrey and inspire creativity in her journey!


For the past 30 years I have engaged in crafting for profit making tactile baby quilts, hand-painted glassware, and now anklets and bracelets for women and girls. I love designing unique products that are practical and fun. 


Anklets have always been popular, especially in the 70's when I was growing up. Texture, color and glass are some of my favorite materials, so making my no-clasp anklets and bracelets is a natural fit.

When my beautiful grand daughter Audrey turned three, I decided to start a business that we could work together and ultimately pass on to her. "Audrey's Anklets" was created and inspired by her.

Over 20 styles of anklets are now available. Customization and themes like "Beach Life" anklets, Pearls Bling, Cross, Awareness Ribbon and NFL Football Collections are perfect to accent your unique style.


Women can adorn their wrists and ankles with these hand crafted pieces of jewelry. One of the issues many women tell me is how difficult it can be to manage the clasps of typical ankle bracelets. My anklets/bracelets are "clasp-less", and quickly wrap around your wrist or ankle. One size fits most and are easy on and off design. 


Thank you for visiting Audrey's Anklets!

Gaby Harris